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This therapy is the only one in the world,in which clients would not be supposed to put their minds in order.
In other words,leaving minds as they are,just make a living with their necessities.
When you fully get recovered, you would forget that you got, and also you would forget this therapy and the key words of this therapy.
It would not be better to take over the unnecessary exclusive knowledge,that would be possible to become the therapy-induced sufferings.


"I get suffered from symptoms of Neurosis. Isn't there anything you can do about it?"
There is not any problem you can make when you stay as it is before"your ideas"

No way to cure Neurosis with understanding-2

Understanding covers only the past and the future, but does not cover so-called now, the present. So when you understand and recognize some, you are in fictions that are away from the truth. When explanations of what you are disappear, you get recovered. In other word,without adding thoughts and words to yourself,just face a fact abruptly off the cuff.

No way to cure Neurosis with understanding

The cure Neurosis is the contrary to your expectations.
Solutions are not brought from ideas.

Nothing to do in our minds

In this therapy, clients do not work to their minds, because their intelligence can not cover them. We call Neurosis is the disease that starts with when they recognize symptoms to cure. Then, the more they try to cure them,the more they get suffered.
So that,we have clients to manage to do some for living all of a sudden, without sorting out their feelings.