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”Anything available”

As a matter of fact,mind and body is not distressed, but you run about in confusion in your thoughts if you misunderstand that the contents of your thoughts are real.
If you would seek for the special and the ideal self or anything but the current state of your mind,you would be away from facts.
When you have anxiety, to have anxiety is the complete recovery.
When you have fear, to have fear is the complete recovery.
Whatever your mind is, do not seek for other than that.
Leaving the current state of your mind as it is,
Let it to be coped with the demands of everyday life.


What should I do for my symptoms?
If you would keep saying that, you would stay with useless efforts of self versus self.
Having exhausted all means to cure symptoms using "self",spontaneously you would be in the middle of facts without any”derailment”into the world that you would misunderstand contents of consciousness as real.


When you make a living, leaving as your thoughts are, you would forget"yourself who try to cure Neurosis"without knowing it.
Then you would realize that "something ought to get cured", you thought there must be,has not existed. And also the substance,that is said to be the complete recovery of Neurosis, has not existed from the begging as well.


This therapy is the only one in the world,in which clients would not be supposed to put their minds in order.
In other words,leaving minds as they are,just make a living with their necessities.
When you fully get recovered, you would forget that you got, and also you would forget this therapy and the key words of this therapy.
It would not be better to take over the unnecessary exclusive knowledge,that would be possible to become the therapy-induced sufferings.


"I get suffered from symptoms of Neurosis. Isn't there anything you can do about it?"
There is not any problem you can make when you stay as it is before"your ideas"